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Custom garage – benefits and features

Garages are not only are space for your car, machinery and tools, they are also added space in the house that can be used to store items that are not required on a daily basis. It can also be turned into a children play house. Unfortunately, most of the time they turn into a place cluttered with useless things filled with dirt and dust because of improper management and lack of utility. But with

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Demand for high end property exists in UK

While there are many different viewpoints surrounding the UK property market, it makes sense to look at the longer-term picture before coming to conclusions. There are too many factors impacting on the short-term changes to state anything with significant confidence. This year, you only must think back to March and the terrible weather conditions to understand how some issues can have an enormous

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Increasing asking prices offer an opportunity for developers

While the increase in the price of new property being placed on to the property market only rose by 0.4% in April of 2018, the increase was enough to create a record national average. In figures provided by Rightmove, the new national average stands at £305,732 and this is 0.3%, or £789, than the previous high of £304,943 and this was set in July of 2017. There is not uniformity acro

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Are people winning dream homes?

Supply and demand lies at the heart of the UK property market and this isn’t just the case for buyers and sellers. Property developers and builders are also tied into the notion of supply and demand because if there is not the demand for quality homes, these professionals will not engage the market and they will not supply new homes. Therefore, high-end property construction firms are going to b

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