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Build2Extend recruitment drive after beast from the east

The poor weather endured in March of 2018 appears to be lingering on into April, and most of the country is keen to finally welcome spring and summer. Challenging weather conditions brought the country to a standstill and there is no denying that the building and construction sector was affected by the difficult weather conditions. The fact that many people couldn’t get to their work saw many industries falter and stumble at this time, but the construction industry suffered more than most.

Given that most of the work in this sector takes place outside, there was no chance of work being undertaken as The Beast from the East raged around the country. It would have been extremely unsafe for work to have been attempted at this time, and this has led many projects to fall behind. While there is an acceptance that it will be nigh on impossible to catch up on the backlog, the projects will all now have a shifted timeline, there are many professionals who are keen to get back on track as quickly as possible.

Construction firms are looking to get back on track

Therefore, there is a recruitment drive amongst many progressive building firms at this point and Build2Extend is one of the most progressive construction companies you can hope to find in the modern era. The firm has a strong track record in helping people develop their home and with so many customers reliant on them, the company doesn’t want people to suffer due to the challenging weather conditions of early 2018.

There are many distinct roles required on a building site but no matter what position is on offer, a candidate should have two key attributes:

  • The candidate should have professional skills and qualifications for their role
  • The candidate should be hard working

Many industries are littered with professionals who can do one but not the other but in the construction industry, there is a need to combine skills and expertise with effort and hard-work. At Build2Extend, there is a positive atmosphere amongst the team, but this has been developed because everyone plays their part in the project. There is no room for people who slack off or let their colleagues take the strain, not when the building industry is looking to bounce back after a prolonged absence of early 2018.

If you are looking for a challenging yet rewarding job in the construction sector, get in touch with Build2Extend.