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Home Extension Tips For 2019

If you are planning in extending your home in 2019, it is time to start planning. Good quality extension work transforms homes, adds comfort, adds space and can also increase the value of property. Therefore, pursuing a home extension makes sense, but only if you do it correctly.

Here are some tips for home extensions you should follow in 2019.

Make sure the design stage is completed as best as possible
Even though you may be in a rush to complete your home, there is no benefit in rushing the design stage of your property extension. You should work closely with the designers and make sure that every minor aspect and detail is taken care of. This should all be thought out and planned before building work begins, because this time spent will save a lot of time in the long run.

Be optimistic but don’t expect miracles
One of the biggest problems with property extensions is homeowners don’t have realistic expectations. It is important you talk to experts and develop a clear time-frame of when work will be completed and what can actually be achieved.

If you have your heart set on impossible achievements, you will be let down, but if you are modest and realistic, you can love your home and reap the benefits of the improvement work.

Choose the right builder
It should be obvious that the right builder matters when it comes to transforming your home in an effective manner. Look at reviews, ask around, make sure you choose an experienced firm and opt for a company you trust and like the sound of.

This is one of the biggest choices and investments you will make in your life, so it is vital that you get the best professionals on board to help you out.

Saving money doesn’t always give you value for money
It is understandable that homeowners want value for money when they transform their home, but don’t automatically opt for the cheapest option. There will be times when a more expensive option will provide you with a better return for your investment, and these are the times when you should shell out more money.

There will be times when you can buy cheaper materials but equally, when you need to pay more for confidence and assurance, make sure that you do so.

Get everything in writing
You may be a person that believes your word is your bond or that a handshake is a solemn agreement, but when it comes to building work, always err on the side of caution. Make sure you have all contracts and agreements written out, signed and in place before commitments are made. There have been too many horror stories of clients losing money or not getting what they want, all because they believed an agreement was in place when it wasn’t.

There are many small costs to consider, don’t forget them
There are so many small issues and items that can be added during the refurbishment process, and it is vital that you account for their cost. You may not think that one individual item or additional accessory will impact on your budget too much but when you add a lot of these items, a small bill becomes a large bill in next to no time.

This is the ideal time of year to plan big changes for your home, so why not start your preparations for a home transformation now.