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High-end property market is still of value

When it comes to making an impact on the high end of the property market, most specialists have observed that it has become harder in recent times. The focus on the tail-off in London property prices has been on the more exclusive parts of the capital, and there is no shortage of reasons why high-end properties are not selling as quickly, or for as high a price, as they used to. The most commonly cited reasons include:

  • Brexit and the uncertainty facing the market
  • Foreign investors looking at lower priced property
  • Landlords deciding that market conditions no longer appeal to them

All these factors combine to dampen demand and enthusiasm for the high end of the UK property market, but there are still opportunities to achieve success in this market. There are still buyers looking to pay a lot of money for property, especially in the more up-market parts of London. However, there is a desire for value for money in these purchases, and property buyers who spend a lot of money want something that is more than just a home. A high-end property purchase reflects the owner and it sends a message out to the world. This means the right buyers for this market want something that is right for them and this has created a scenario where a tailored approach is likely to appeal to high-end property buyers.

There is an opportunity for high-quality homes

This creates an opportunity for firms and professionals who can create the highest standard of property, constructed with the buyer’s aims and ambitions in mind. This is where the work of skilled and experienced architects and building firms come together to create a finished home that meets, and exceeds, the needs of a demanding marketplace.

Perfect partnerships create perfect homes

At Build2Extend, we have a strong track record in ensuring that the most detailed and demanding plans are brought to life in an efficient and effective manner. To this end, we have worked closely with some of the most demanding and spirited architects in the country. Working with other professionals is a challenge but given the rewards on offer from collaboration in the high-end property market, we are proud to say that this is an area that we have developed our services in.

Rumours about the death of the high-end property market in the UK has been exaggerated, but there is no denying that the market has changed. Consumers are looking for exclusive property designed and built to the highest standard, and at Build2Extend, we create the foundations that ensure everyone is happy.